Customer Service

It is our pledge to deliver exceptional service to our customers by:

  • Recognizing customers come first.
  • Treating everyone with dignity, respect, fairness, and non-discrimination.
  • Assuming a positive, smiling, helpful, professional outlook on the phone and in emails.
  • Returning phone calls / emails same day.
  • Listening to our customers with a caring attitude.
  • Keeping customers informed about their concerns before they call to ask.
  • Continually exceeding customer expectations.
  • Answering questions / resolving issues promptly and accurately –  within one working day if possible, otherwise checking in regularly with customer to advise we are working on it and they’ve not been forgotten.
  • Providing knowledgeable answers to questions or making recommendations.
  • Acknowledging and thanking customers.
  • Soliciting customer feedback to improve our service.
  • Communicate good or bad unsolicited feedback to team / upper management.