High Performance Concrete Sealers

The highest quality clear coat concrete sealers, specially formulated to withstand Canadian conditions.

Solvent Based
Clear Coating

Jet Clear is a premium solvent based, professional grade, high gloss sealer designed to protect paving blocked, poured concrete, interlock stone, and exposed aggregate from water, oil, grease, etc. Jet Clear contains a synergistic ultraviolet inhibitor system which greatly increases the lofe of the coating. Jet Clear is easy to apply, leaves a glossy luster to masonry surfaces and is safe to use.

  • Superior performance and long life
  • User friendly – longer open film time
    • Does not string under hot conditions
    • Can be applied by roller or sprayer
    • Does not bubble during recommended application conditions
  • Proprietary blend of solvents allows the sealer to behave like a traditional xylene based coating
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Water Based
Clear Coating

Jet Clear H20 is a specially formulated, soft gloss, water based clear coat sealer for new and existing concrete and stone. The primary function of Jet Clear H20 is moisture retention and can be applied when simultaneous curing and sealing is desired.

  • Easy to apply – low V.O.C. – roll or spray
    • clean up with soap and water
  • Does not bubble or streak during recommended application conditions
  • Does not require reduction
  • Fast dry time
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