High Performance Asphalt Sealers

The highest quality blacktop sealers and waterproofing products, Jet Black is specially formulated to withstand Canadian conditions.

Cut Back Oil Based
Seal Coating

Our original formulation, designed to out-perform and outlast other oil-based blacktop sealers. With a high resistance to fuel, salt and tire wear, Jet Black is durable and waterproof, doubling as a foundation coating.

  • Finish – Black, high-shine
  • Fastest dry time
  • Best coverage of any oil-based sealer
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LPSB Emulsion
Seal Coating

Jet Black LP is part of a new generation of pavement sealcoatings that are high performance, effective alternatives, to both refined tar and asphalt emulsion sealers. Jet Black LP will perform to the standards you have come to expect for the Jet Black family of sealcoatings. PDQ Bulk Sealer’s formulations use only the highest quality of raw materials and Jet Black LP is based on carefully selected grades of petroleum resins, minerals, specialty additives, and performance boosters.

  • Comparable to refined tar sealers in toughness, overall durability and application
  • Applicator safety and ease – won’t burn or irritate skin, and no significant odor
  • Better than asphalt emulsion based on sealcoating in resistance to fuel, salt, and petrochemicals
  • The colour stability of Jet Black LP is comparable to refined tar sealers, unlike asphalt emulsions, which tend to fade quickly
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Asphalt Emulsion
Seal Coating

Jet Clear is a premium solvent based, professional grade, high gloss sealer designed to protect paving blocked, poured concrete, interlock stone, and exposed aggregate from water, oil, grease, etc. Jet Clear contains a synergistic ultraviolet inhibitor system which greatly increases the lofe of the coating. Jet Clear is easy to apply, leaves a glossy luster to masonry surfaces and is safe to use.

  • Superior performance and long life
  • User friendly – longer open film time
    • Does not string under hot conditions
    • Can be applied by roller or sprayer
    • Does not bubble during recommended application conditions
  • Proprietary blend of solvents allows the sealer to behave like a traditional xylene based coating
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“While sealcoating large projects for high profile customers quality and timeliness is critical and Bulk Sealer has always provided top quality materials in a fast, efficient and helpful manner. Over the years Bulk Sealer continues to prove I can count on them, and their products, when I need them!”

Andy Zeller, Line Em Up INC. Parking Lot Repair & Maintenance

As we celebrate ten years in business The Driveway Doctor of Toronto has become a household name in the industry with coverage on national television with being rated as #1 in the business by CTV and CFTO news. Part of our credit goes to Bulk Sealer. Without a superior supplier of quality products and ease of access no sealing company can be successful. Bulk Sealer understands our needs in order to be successful and they are able to make it happen.

John Marshe, The Driveway Doctor

Being able to deal with your company through email was very important to my operation. The time difference between us is 3 hours so to always find time to get things done is difficult, email was key!! Look forward to doing more business with you in the spring of this year.

Justin Lewis, Drive Pros