Health and Safety

PDQ Bulk Sealer as a quality manufacturer of seal coatings ensures our plant, laboratories, office facilities maintained as clean and healthful places of employment. Every effort is made to design and operate all facilities in compliance with federal, provincial and local health and safety regulations. PDQ Bulk Sealer endeavors to promptly provide current and comprehensive information on potential adverse health and safety effects as well as appropriate handling procedures for all materials handled by our employees.

It is basic responsibility for all PDQ Bulk Sealer employees to make the health and safety of fellow human beings a part of their daily concern. This responsibility must be accepted by anyone who conducts affairs with PDQ Bulk Sealer, no matter what capacity he/she may function.

In order to implement this policy, all laws and guidelines issued by Canadian health and safety laws shall be observed by all employees. Assistance with specific health and safety problems may be obtained from the Health and Safety Committee.