Improved Performance & Durability of Seal Coatings

Based on asphalt and coal tar, STAR MAX-DRI is 100% acrylic polymer-based additive that packs the benefits of fast drying and thickening of diluted seal coatings, while boosting the overall performance. Based on 100% acrylic polymers, fast evaporating chemicals and surfactants, STAR MAX-DRI improves the overall performance and durability of the seal coatings.


  • Cuts the drying time by 50%

  • Thickens diluted sealer resulting in excellent and uniform sand suspension

  • No sand roll-out and streak-free, uniform appearance of the cured sealer

  • Reduces Power steering marks, scuffing, and tearing

  • Seal coating dries to uniform black colour, under sun or shade

  • Recommended for refined coal tar

  • Improves tensile strength, flexibility, and adhesion

  • Improves fuel and chemical resistance

  • Polymer emulsion (water) based. Safe to use, store. Water clean up

  • No health hazards reported

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