Latex Oil Spot Sealer

S.O.S. Spot Sealer grabs and seals the oil and grease spots on all types of asphaltic surfaces. The polycentric matrix and select surfactants in S.O.S. Sealer, result in a tough film that bonds aggressively to the oil spot, to offer a sound surface for the subsequent seal coating.

Advantages Using S.O.S. Spot Primer

  • Dries quickly; in about 20-30 minutes

  • Will stop oil from bleeding into the cured film of the seal coat

  • Will not disband from the oil spot and will not allow the sealer to peel away from primed areas

  • Is water-based; ease in application, handling and clean-up

  • Is supplied as a CONCENTRATE, thus offering benefits in warehousing, shipping, etc.

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