Durable, Water-Resistant Asphalt Sealer

Quality: Highest Quality sourced Canadian raw materials with polymer additization

Performance: Out performs any coal tar and poly coal tar on the market

Concentration: Product is pre additized with water and polymer (no sand required)

Longevity: Polymer additive increases performance and protects from wear (fuel, tire marks, salt, etc)

Dry Time: Decreased dry time – faster curing

Appearance: Matte Jet Black finish that fills in hair line cracking

Application: Brush or Spray

Polymer Modified Coal Tar

Poly Coal Tar High Performance Asphalt Sealer is for those jobs that require outstanding performance and appearance. The durability and water-resistance of Poly Coal Tar is far superior to any other product in the sealcoating industry. The manufacturing process includes the hot blending of select polymers and rubbers to increase the toughness and keep the product flexible at all temperatures, increasing the life of the sealant and its protection of the asphalt beneath.

Standards & Specifications

Poly Coal Tar meets or exceeds the requirements of FEDERAL SPECIFICATION RP-355e, when tested in accordance with the ASTM Standards: D2939-Bituminous Base Emulsions for use as protective coatings D490-77-Standard Specification for Road Tar D3320-79-Standard Specification for Emulsified Coal Tar Pitch (Mineral Colloid Type) D140-Sampling of Bituminous Materials D529-Recommended Practice for Accelerated Weathering Test of Bituminous Materials


Poly Coal Tar must be applied on structurally sound pavement by professional applicators. Coverage Rate: 0.18-0.20 gallons per square yard of concentrated product, in two coat application. Coverage will vary depending on the condition of the pavement and the porosity and texture of the surface.


Recommended dilution rate is maximum 20% by volume with clean, potable water. Addition of Aggregate to the System Clean silica sand, grain fineness 50-70, may be added for increased traction and textured appearance.

  • Rich Black Color

  • Superior resistance to gas, oil and degradation from ultraviolet rays

  • Fills minor surface cracks

  • Faster Drying time, allowing you to open to traffic within hours

  • Commercial Driveways & Parking Lots

  • Airport Taxiways

  • Truck Terminals

  • Drive –Thru Restaurants

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