Professional Grade Pavement Patching

Description & Uses

GATOR-PATCH™ is a ready-to-use blend of asphalt emulsion mineral fillersglass fiberground rubber and plasticizer designed especially to repair and restore cracked asphalt surfaces such as parking lotsdrivewayswalk waysetcAids in preventing water seeping into the cracks that can cause extensive damage to such areas.

The use of GATOR-PATCH™ to resurface alligatored areas offers a low cost alternative to removing and replacing such areas with hot mix asphalt or hot mix skin patching“.

GATOR-PATCH™ can also be used to fill shallow depressions, or to fill cracks In excess of ½” wide in asphalt surfaces.

It is recommended that areas repaired with GATOR-PATCH™ be sealed with an asphalt protective coating to add additional protection and extend the service life of the pavement. Both coal tar emulsion sealers and asphalt-based sealers are compatible with cured GATOR-PATCH™ .


Surface must be dry and clean -free from all loose material, dirt and dust. Mix GATOR-PATCH™, (a Jiffy Mixer Impellar and electric drill will aid in mixing) pour onand work in with squeegee. Prime old oxidized surfaces with TACK-COTE Binder Primer.

Apply on “Alligator Cracked” surfaces with a squeegee. Fill depressions over ~” deep in multiple applications of no more than ~” at a time, allowing each coat to dry thoroughly.

Fill wide cracks and scrape off excess from the surface with a V-shaped crack squeegee. GATOR-PATCH ™ will set under good drying conditions in several hours, depending on weather and material thickness.


Approximately 20-50 sq.ft. per gallon for patching alligatored areas up to ¼” depth. Approximately 150 linear feet per gallon for cracks ½” x ½“.


Do not apply when ambient or pavement temperatures are below 50°F or are expected to drop below 50°F within 24 hours of application. Avoid application when rain is forecast within 24 hours. KEEP FROM FREEZING. Container should be closed when not in use. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Wash tools with water while material is still wet.


In 5-gallon plastic pails.

  • Designed especially for “Alligator-cracked” asphalt

  • Fills & resurfaces

  • Less costly than hot mix skin patching

  • Ready to use-easy to apply (just pour it on – smooth it out)

  • VOC = <1OOgrams/liter

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